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  • Compare home insurance cover

    Find out how to compare house insurance - for a home insurance comparison, compare home insurance cover from Barclays at

  • Our home insurance products

    Get a home insurance quote from Barclays. Choose the type of policy you’re interested in and learn more about what we offer.

  • Home insurance / Bike insurance

    Insure your pedal cycle with Barclays and we’ll also cover all the others in your home up to the same value, wherever you take them.

  • Home insurance - UK terms

    Insuring your home: we explain the difference between buildings and contents insurance, and why it's a good idea to have both.

  • Retrieve your Barclays Home Insurance quote

    View your saved Barclays Home Insurance quote. You'll need your email address and the password you registered to log in. You can then amend or purchase your quote.

  • Compare Barclays home insurance products

    If you have an existing Barclays home insurance policy, see how it compares with our latest product.

  • Important information

    Barclays High-Value Home Insurance: designed for properties with a rebuild cost of over £500,000

  • Choose your cover

    Choose from a range of independent covers for your home and your belongings to create a Barclays insurance policy that’s shaped around you.

  • Options for landlords

    Our buildings, contents and commercial insurance for landlords lets you choose the level of cover that suits you. Choose the type of policy you’re interested in and learn more about what we offer.

  • Capsule styles and borders

    Want to protect your property and possessions with more than a standard policy? Choose flexible high value home insurance with a personal service at

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