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  • Travel Plan-It

    Travel Plan-It terms and conditions.

  • Travel Pack

    Travel Pack

  • Worldwide travel insurance tips

    Get online quotes for worldwide travel insurance, holiday travel insurance and budget travel insurance. For information and quotes visit

  • How to apply for the Travel Pack

    Barclays Travel Pack add-on for current accounts offers European family travel insurance and protection for your card abroad.

  • Compare our travel insurance products

    Barclays travel insurance has cover to suit your trip, whether its near or far, with 20% online discount.

  • Travel insurance quotes – online

    Get a travel insurance quote, or compare Barclays travel insurance quotes and holiday insurance quotes online at

  • Travelling abroad

    Travel help when you’re abroad. Find out what to do in every stage of your holiday, from planning before you go away to when you get back.

  • Travel Money Card

    Barclays withdrew Travel Money Cards from sale on 27 May 2011. If you have an existing Travel Money Card, we will continue to provide you with support and service until your existing card expires.

  • Barclays Travel Insurance

    Whether you're going to Malaga or Mongolia, we've got you covered. Choose the right travel insurance for you from our three options - a full year's cover for all your trips, quick but comprehensive insurance for a single holiday or our extended cover for

  • Travel disruption and airspace closures

    How air traffic disruptions caused by unexpected events will affect your barclays travel insurance

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