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  • Learn more about fraud prevention

    The Barclays website contains lots of information about how you can protect yourself from financial fraud. But if you'd like to know even more, these sites can help.

  • Don’t be fooled, be fraud smart

    Protect yourself and your accounts from fraud with our helpful tips

  • Card Fraud

    Want to know how you can protect yourself from credit and debit card fraud? Here are some of the most common scams and how you can avoid them.

  • Understanding email fraud

    Email fraud is a growing form of crime. Our guide explains what it is and what to look out for.

  • How to recognise and avoid investment fraud

    The term Boiler Room Fraud refers to a common scam where fraudsters posing as salespeople contact unsuspecting individuals and offer them seemingly exciting investment opportunities.

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    Tips to avoid online ticket fraud and make sure you get to your favourite events this summer.

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    With farmers beginning to receive BPS subsidies, there is an increasing risk of subsidy fraud. Follow Barclays' advice to help keep your subsidies safe.

  • Our promise to you

    Now it's even easier to check your account balance or view your transactions. Even if you're nowhere near a PC, you can get instant access to Online Banking on your mobile with Mobile Banking. Find out about Barclays Pingit mobile payments.

  • Get the support and tools you need to help you manage and improve your credit score.

    Credit Manager, putting you in control, Credit report, feature, credit profile, risk, identity theft, fraud

  • Online Banking Guarantee

    Our Online Banking Guarantee means that, if you fall victim to Internet fraud on your Barclays bank account(s), we'll cover your loss - no matter how much is taken - as long as you've used Online Banking correctly. Find out more.

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